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Up to 1995 Vera lived in Krakow (Poland).

In 1998 finished the Kiev Republican Art High School of Taras Shevchenko, Painting Faculty (Teacher Zhivotkov O.)

June - August 1998- open-air in Gdansk (Poland).

January 2000- open-air in Zakopane (Poland).

February2001 - group exhibition in gallery "Yam" (Zakopane, Poland).

June 2001- symposium in Zakopane (Poland). Final exhibition in gallery "Yam".

1999 - 2002 - number of group exhibitions in Zakopane and Krakow (Poland).

Since 2001 – regular participant of All-Ukrainian art exhibitions.

In 2003 graduated from the Ukrainian National Academy of the Fine Arts and Architecture, Easel Painting Faculty (teachers prof. Shatalin V. and prof. Gujda M.).

Since 2003 - member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, Youth Section.

January 2004 - personal exhibition in gallery "Griffin" (Kiev, Ukraine).

June 2005 - personal exhibition in gallery "Nef" (Kiev, Ukraine).

Picturesque canvases of the artist are in galleries "Yam" (Zakopane, Poland), "Nef" (Kiev, Ukraine), private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, England.

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Still life
#08, canvas, oil
35.4"x25.6", 2005
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