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«My passion is oil painting, desserts and girly beauty. I think girls are like desserts and I like to transfer their images to canvases.»

I come from Poltava, it is a cozy city in the central part of Ukraine, with a rich history.

In 2009 I graduated from Poltava National Technical University. Y. Kondratyuk (PNTU), Faculty "Architectural", Specialty "Fine and decorative arts"

There I was taught to create sculpture, graphics and painting.

After graduating from university, in search of work, I moved to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where I still live.

I am making cartoons, my favorite project is Gulliver's Return from Animation Studio 95, where I was the Lead 3D Character Sculptor.

In 2017, I resumed painting. I saw a girl with pink hair on the street, which reminded me of cotton candy, and I got an idea about girls as desserts.

Then I painted my first 3 oil paintings from the Dessert series. These paintings are called "Cotton Candy'', "Ice Cream" and "Zephyr".

In March 2018 these paintings participated in the exhibition "Art Country and Art Country Kids". At the moment there are 16 paintings in this series.

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Whipped Cream
#02, canvas, oil
23.6"x15.7", 2020
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #03, Jelly ?andies 02 Next artwork: #01, Medusa goes to a date
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