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Born in Ukraine, Vinnitsa March 10, 1994.

The basics of artistic skill was trained at art school in Vinnitsa, took private lessons from experienced artists, attended classes at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA) of Kiev, studied at the UMCS University of Lublin (Poland ), specializing in "fine art".

I'm currently learning a second year student of the Academy of Arts (ASP) in Warsaw (Poland ) at the Faculty of Painting.

Wield different techniques of painting and drawing, paint by oils, watercolors, using sanguine, pastel, charcoal, ink and pencil.

The subjects of works is diverse - city landscapes and paintings of nature, portraits and still lifes, academic figures and narrative paintings.

Most of the paintings are executed in a realistic manner.

Some paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

I often take part in various art exhibitions and competitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

I have published in magazines and catalogs.

In March 2013 my painting "Alone" was recognized as the best student work in the nomination "Landscape" at the International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "Ukrainian Art Week - Spring 2013 ".

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Evening silhouettes
#59, canvas, oil
47.2"x27.6", 2013
Still Life with Watermelon
#58, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2013
#57, canvas, oil
13.8"x9.8", 2013
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Winter in Carpathians
#56, canvas, oil
18.9"x8.7", 2013
Beckonning far
#55, canvas, oil
17.7"x9.8", 2013
Winter silence
#54, canvas, oil
13.8"x19.7", 2013
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Green fiver
#53, canvas, oil
13.8"x9.8", 2013
#52, canvas, oil
18.1"x13.8", 2013
Old pipe
#51, canvas, oil
15.7"x19.7", 2013
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In the Carpathian mountains
#50, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2013
Warm look
#49, canvas, oil
11.8"x9.8", 2013
Old garage
#48, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2013
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The expanses
#47, canvas, oil
22.8"x8.7", 2013
The pair
#46, canvas, oil
31.5"x23.6", 2013
At Cherry Lake
#45, canvas, oil
19.7"x13.8", 2013
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