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Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

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The Sword Dance, (copy of G.I. Semiradsky)
#27, canvas, oil
33.9"x65.0", 2010
Revenge of Poseidon
#26, canvas, oil
18.9"x20.5", 2011
#25, canvas, oil
29.5"x18.5", 1991
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Headless fears
#24, canvas, oil
34.6"x26.4", 1992
Birth of Graces
#23, canvas, oil
33.1"x28.7", 1992
#22, canvas, oil
24.8"x30.7", 1991
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Mystics of the night
#21, canvas, oil
26.8"x26.8", 1997
#20, carton, oil
8.3"x11.4", 2001
Portrait of children
#19, carton, oil
7.9"x7.9", 2001
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Portrait of I.Mihevich
#18, carton, oil
8.7"x7.1", 1998
Monastery gates
#17, canvas, oil
8.9"x11.2", 2000
Winter park
#16, canvas, oil
7.5"x12.2", 2001
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Autumn landscape with a mill
#15, canvas, oil
11.8"x18.9", 2007
By nightfall, "Boars"
#14, canvas, oil
7.9"x14.2", 1999
Evening field
#13, canvas, oil
11.8"x19.7", 2011
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