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Known Ukrainian artist, the Honoured worker of arts of Ukraine Nina Bozhko behaves to the not numerous group of artists-universal. Having begun as a portrait-painter, she worked in a book graphics and in an easel graphics, in the field of a portrait, landscape, still life and genre. She has mastered the techniques of lithography and linearity, etching and aquatint, dry needle and monotype, water colour and gouache. She works in a technique oily.

She is unique among the woman-artists - Wizard "golden hands". This rank to her was assigned by multithousand collective of a plant "ARSENAL" for creation by first and unique in Ukraine of picture gallery (twenty five oil portraits of the large format) best workers of a plant. A majority of this series she has presented to the plant.

In 1984, when it was celebrated the fortieth years of Victory, Nina Bozhko has created gallery from thirty-five oil portraits of warrior, awarded Star of the Hero, and general famous Коrsun-Shevchenkovska fight. Since October 4, 1984 till February, 1986 the personal exhibition of the artist, which basis have constituted these portraits, was on display in the House of the officers of the Kyiv military district, which has awarded the artist with the Honourable letter.

Having travelled half-Europe Nina Bozhko everywhere drew. And now, say, her sketches of Paris acquaint with closed for us, by then, foreign countries, and now it is an evidence of ours "log-on" in Europe even for existence "of the steel curtains". Were both "entrances", and "departures", and consequently ours academic, one of the best in the world, the art school, never was blind in the modernity which has been torn off from a global context. In particular, Nina Bozhko knew well, that occurs in the European art. And she never resorted to empty cool rehashes. Her art filling of real, depth, skill of realistic school. That realism, which is inspired by aesthetic reaching of the end of XX century, that is not become numb, and always brushes up.

The works of the Honoured Worker of Arts Nina Bozhko present in all museums of Ukraine. They were exhibited on more than 40 International exhibitions.

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